Split System Air Conditioner



Powerful cooling to beat the summer heat in Queensland and the Clarence Valley areas!

split system air conditioner

JVK Electrical & Air Conditioning have been providing a split system air conditioning service on the Gold Coast for 15+ years. Get your FREE quote ~ call Jay today on 0410 689 029.

Fast & Affordable Air Conditioning Service

Looking for an affordable way to cool down your home? JVK Electrical can install a split system air conditioner for customers on the Gold Coast, including Pimpama, Beenleigh and Yatala, and the Clarence Valley areas.

If you want to cool down multiple rooms, a split system unit will be the perfect choice. Split system air conditioners come with an outdoor and an indoor wall-mounted unit. A single outdoor condenser unit can provide powerful cooling or heating throughout your entire home.

We can supply and install a wide range of models from brands such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Actron Air and GREE. All systems are equipped with a remote control, with little to no noise during operation, which makes them ideal for bedrooms. Split system air conditioners can also improve air quality through a built-in filter, keeping your home free from dust and bacteria.

You don’t have to be home during installations. Our trustworthy, expert team will complete installations within 3 – 5 hours and will make sure to clean up any mess before we leave (like we were never there). We can also supply other systems including ducted and cassette, as well as system maintenance and repairs.

If you’re unsure what type of air conditioner system will be best suited to your home and budget, contact JVK Electrical & Air Conditioning today.


Qualified electricians servicing residential and commercial clients across the Gold Coast and Pimpama areas! The team from JVK Electrical & Air Conditioning are committed to providing reliable and efficient installations, maintenance and repairs.

With more than 15 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and skills on all things electrical. Whether it’s lighting, air conditioners, refrigeration, or mechanical ventilation, we can do it all. All installations also come with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

The BIG Benefits of Air Conditioning

  1. Energy efficiency and cost savings
  2. Improved indoor air quality and comfort
  3. Flexibility and zoning capabilities
  4. Quick & easy installation
  5. Low maintenance
  6. Increased home value and attractiveness

In conclusion, investing in a split system air conditioning unit is a practical choice that not only enhances the comfort and efficiency of your home, but also provides long-term benefits in terms of value and attractiveness. So, why wait any longer? Stay cool in Summer and warm in Winter… Upgrade your home today and enjoy the numerous benefits of split system air conditioning.

Call JVK Electrical for a FREE quote today – 0410 689 029.


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