Commercial Ventilation System Clarence Valley

NATURAL AIR & MECHANICAL VENTILATION SYSTEM LIFETIME WARRANTY on Installations! Get in touch with Jay from JVK Electrical on 0410 689 029 for a FREE quote on ventilation system installation and repairs. Ventilation Systems Clarence Valley Drastically increase air flow at your commercial property by installing a mechanical ventilation system. For homeowners, the natural air ventilation systems are for you!

3 Types of ventilation systems?

Natural : Mechanical :  Hybrid (both)

What are natural air ventilation systems?

Natural air ventilation is a technique of flushing fresh air from outside into a building or room through vents in the ceiling. These systems are installed to improve air quality by circulating fresh air throughout the area.

What is a mechanical ventilation system?

The Mechanical ventilation system uses fans or exhaust fans, or both can be used simultaneously, which is much more controlled. The fan moves outdoor air into a building or home. Then, the exhaust fan draws air out of a building and therefore causes equal ventilation streaming into a property. ***DANGER HAZARD*** (Poor ventilation can create carbon build up).

Can a ventilation system stop mould from growing?

Yes, it can! Ventilation systems are the most successful way to keep mould at bay. Nonstop airflow throughout your workplace or home is the magic potion that will reduce condensation. In turn, mould not being able to develop.

How do you ventilate a room without windows (such as a carpark)?

With a ventilation system – natural air or mechanical. BY LAW – For many enclosed commercial properties such as kitchens and underground carparks, it is a legal requirement to have smoke control systems in place – such as mechanical ventilation. A mechanical ventilation system features an extraction fan and either louvres or exhaust ducts. The air that is circulated is not cooled or heated, which means it is highly energy efficient.

Other Benefits of Ventilation Systems:

  • cheap to install.
  • very little maintenance.
  • they can easily be integrated with an air condition system.
  • the airflow can be controlled.
  • odours are greatly reduced.
  • reduce the spread of airborne viruses.
  • it will rid any mould build-up.
***IMPORTANT NOTE*** (A mechanical ventilation is not an air conditioning system). Our fully licensed electricians are also available for emergency call outs 24/7 and are fully licensed technicians to provide repairs and servicing. We can also supply and install a wide range of ducted air conditioning systems, refrigeration, and package units for commercial properties. Qualified electricians servicing residential and commercial clients across Clarence Valley! The team from JVK Electrical & Air Conditioning are committed to providing reliable and efficient installations, maintenance, and repairs. Contact JVK Electrical & Air Conditioning today for a FREE quote on 0410 689 029.